To sign up as a volunteer, you have to tell us a little about who you are, how you want to contribute and when you can work. Registration takes a few minutes at most .

There are five areas of work to choose from:

  • Hosts – welcoming and taking care of our guest at the festival area. As a host at Ladehammerfestivalen, it is your responsibility to make the guests feel safe and comfortable.
  • Sales – preparing and selling food and merchandise at the festival. It is your job to make sure the guest get hot coffee, something to eat and maybe a shirt to remember the festival.
  • Rigging – helping with the construction and dismantling of the festival arenas, tents and other equipment. We need many helping hands to make the festival happen.
  • Night watch – keep an eye on the festival area outside opening hours, watching for anyone trying to enter.

Rigging takes place from Wednesday and until the festival starts on Friday. The festival is dismantled on Sunday. The shifts normally last from 11-17, and dismantling from 13-19. But there is rigging going on the whole day, and other working hours may be agreed upon.

Sales personell and hosts work during the festival . The festival starts 18:00 on Friday and lasts until 23:30. Saturday starts with the family day at 12:00 and lasts until 16:00. The festival starts again with concert night from 18:00 and ends 23:30. Hosts have to show up one hour before each event for briefing and a tour of the festival area. Other volunteers have to show be there no later than half an hour before each event.

For registration and questions, contact Amanda at